Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak information: The entire checklist of latest monsters

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak provides a number of monsters to Rise’s already sizeable roster. Whereas most monsters are returning beasts from different Monster Hunter video games, there are a handful of name new monsters and subspecies.

On this information, we’re going to disclose the complete roster for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and we’ll provide you with a short description of every one.

[Spoiler Warning: While we won’t be going into any story details here, the full list of monsters we’ve added below includes at least one name that Capcom hasn’t revealed yet, which belongs to the expansion’s final boss.]

A Garangolm yells at some lesser beasts in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Picture: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak consists of seven returning monsters, six monster subspecies, and 4 model new monsters for a grand whole of 17 creatures.

Under, we’ve listed out Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s roster within the order you’ll doubtless face them over the course of the enlargement. We’ve bolded the names of monsters which can be new to the sequence.

  1. Daimyo Hermitaur — Returning Carapaceon from Monster Hunter 2
  2. Blood Orange Bishaten — Fireplace subspecies of Bishaten
  3. Garangolm — New Fanged Beast from Sunbreak
  4. Shogun Ceanataur — Returning Carapaceon from Monster Hunter 2
  5. Aurora Somnacanth — Ice subspecies of Somnacanth
  6. Lunagaron — New Fanged Wyvern from Sunbreak
  7. Seregios — Returning Flying Wyvern from Monster Hunter 4 Final
  8. Magma Almudron — Fireplace subspecies of Almudron
  9. Astalos — Returning Flying Wyvern from Monster Hunter Generations
  10. Espinas — Returning Flying Wyvern from Monster Hunter Frontier
  11. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki — Fireplace subspecies of Rakna-Kadaki
  12. Gore Magala — Returning “unknown kind” from Monster Hunter 4
  13. Malzeno — New Elder Dragon from Sunbreak
  14. Shagaru Magala — Returning Elder Dragon from Monster Hunter 4
  15. Gaismagorm — New Elder Dragon from Sunbreak
  16. Livid Rajang — Tougher subspecies of Rajang
  17. Scorned Magnamalo — Tougher subspecies of Magnamalo

Whereas we didn’t embrace them within the checklist, observe that the monsters from Rise’s unique roster additionally obtained Grasp Rank upgrades.

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