Skeletonics Kinetic-Power Exoskeleton: People In Disguise

Decided to win the costume contest at this yr’s Halloween celebration? Look no additional than the Skeletonics kinetic-energy powered exoskeleton – excellent for taking your Transformer costume to the following degree. The following degree being the first place pedestal on the costume contest, simply so we’re clear. I can virtually really feel that $100 reward certificates to Spirit Halloween in my robotic fingers!

In contrast to another exoskeletons, the Skeletonics depends on no exterior energy supply, as a substitute utilizing a wearer’s kinetic vitality to reflect their actions on a bigger scale – together with hand and finger actions like greedy. The entire thing stands roughly 9-feet tall and weighs solely 88-pounds, making it straightforward to strap to the highest of your automotive such as you simply bagged your self a Decepticon.

The video demonstration actually is spectacular, contemplating the dearth of an exterior energy provide. Granted, the Skeletonics exoskeleton won’t be able to selecting up a automotive or battling an alien queen like a Energy Loader, however I actually don’t wish to be battling alien queens anyway – I simply wish to win a dressing up contest for as soon as.

[via TechEBlog]

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