What’s Radiation? | IAEA

Some examples of non-ionizing radiation are the seen gentle, the radio waves, and the microwaves (Infographic: Adriana Vargas/IAEA)

Non-ionizing radiation is decrease vitality radiation that’s not energetic sufficient to detach electrons from atoms or molecules, whether or not in matter or residing organisms. Nevertheless, its vitality could make these molecules vibrate and so produce warmth. That is, for example, how microwave ovens work.

For most individuals, non-ionizing radiation doesn’t pose a threat to their well being. Nevertheless, staff which are in common contact with some sources of non-ionizing radiation may have particular measures to guard themselves from, for instance, the warmth produced.

Another examples of non-ionizing radiation embody the radio waves and visual gentle. The seen gentle is a kind of non-ionizing radiation that the human eye can understand. And the radio waves are a kind of non-ionizing radiation that’s invisible to our eyes and different senses, however that may be decoded by conventional radios.

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